LEGO® WeDo2 Kits

Why LEGO®?

There are lots of different Robotics kits available today, so why did I choose to use Lego as one of the main kits that we use in our iZWiZ classes?  Here are some of the reasons why:

1.            Educational Value: Lego sets encourage creativity, imagination, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills in children. Building with Lego pieces requires planning, spatial awareness, and logical thinking, which can enhance cognitive abilities and promote learning.  This is just one of the reasons why we chose to use Lego robotics kits in our classes.

2.            Development of Fine Motor Skills: As children manipulate and connect Lego bricks, they improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The precise movements involved in assembling Lego structures can contribute to the development of dexterity and finger strength.

3.            Open-Ended Play: Lego sets provide endless possibilities for play. Children can build various structures, vehicles, or scenes using their imagination and creativity. The open-ended nature of Lego allows for free play, enabling children to explore their ideas, experiment, and express themselves.  I am always blown away by the imaginative and creative ideas that the children develop during our ‘free build’ classes.  Not many other toys allow children to model their ideas so easily.

4.            Collaborative and Social Skills: Lego can be a social activity, fostering teamwork and cooperation. When children build together in our classes, they learn to communicate, negotiate, and work collaboratively. Sharing ideas, problem-solving, and building together can enhance their social skills and promote positive interactions. 

5.            Long-lasting and Versatile: Lego bricks are durable and can withstand repeated use. They can be disassembled and reassembled in countless ways, providing ongoing entertainment and opportunities for play. Lego sets also offer compatibility, allowing children to combine different sets and expand their creations.  We use Lego bricks from a variety of different sets in our classes; Lego Wedo2, Lego Technic, Lego Creative, Lego City, Lego Friends and Duplo sets to name a few! 

6.            STEM Learning Opportunities: Lego offers specific sets and themes focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). These sets often include gears, motors, sensors, and programmable elements, introducing children to basic engineering principles and coding concepts in a playful and hands-on manner.  The Lego Wedo2 robotics kits and Lego Technic sets which we use in class contain these types of components.  The Lego Boost is a good robotics set that I always recommend for home use.

7.            Long-Term Value: Lego sets can be collected and added to over time, creating a long-term hobby and investment, they make perfect gifts. As children grow, they can continue building more complex structures and engaging with Lego in new ways, ensuring the gift remains relevant and enjoyable for years.  My daughter and I still use Lego sets that I was given as a child, you would never know they were 38+ years old! 

8.            Parent-Child Bonding: Building with Lego can be a shared activity between parents and children. It provides an opportunity for quality time together, fostering communication, bonding, and mutual enjoyment. Parents can participate in the play, offer guidance, and witness their child’s creativity in action.  I love watching my home ed group families spend time working together on their builds.  Go on give it a try at home, let your creative juices flow! Make sure you share photos of your brilliant builds in our Facebook group.  Happy Lego building!